Career Opportunities

We water the seed of creativity you have water guidance and expertise and development; even be distinguished employees, God willing,
.. Feel free to your request, we, God willing, the appropriate media center jobs currently available :
* Marketing Representative:

Experience of not less than two years in the field of media + driving license + establishment of convertible employee relations

* Customer Service:

Experience of not less than two years in the field of customer service + proficiency in the use of computers and the Internet for business desktops

* Graphics Designer :

His excellent experience in design programs (Photoshop and other programs)

* Web Developer :
  • Required php programmer experience of not less than two years.
  • Fluent in dealing with the javascript libraries and preferably (jquery).
  • Fluent in dealing with css - xml - html5.
  • Fluent in dealing with scripts content management (Drupal - joomla - wordpress).
  • Has the ability to deal with and Kite at least those of the framwork
    ( CodeIgniter - CakePHP - Zend Framework ).
    The ability to get things done on time and delivered properly.
  • Friendly to business on the Internet can be found.
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