Logo : Is your picture in front of your customers and target audience , Professional and distinctive design of the logo is what we strive to always  To give you a great image
Creativity is highlight and completed by impelmentation of Media identity consistent with logo and is applied to all publications and media messages
Logo : is Philosophy to the company activity and his services by way linked in your mind  and it is difficult to erase the shape and the company and his activity from your memory.

It is preferable that the logo have at the following properties :

  • To be distinctive, and can not be confused with other slogans easily.
  • Be practical and can be used in different ranges without affecting its safety.
  • That can be used in small or large sizes different, clearly.
  • That can be used both clearly used in color or black and white.
  • The logo retains the general form and its distinctive characteristics when it is printed on several types of media such as paper or cloth.
  • Represents his company correctly and properly.