Our programs serve many institutions, companies, organizations and individuals. And provide them with the latest international programming techniques by Easy way and comprehensive combines between Simplicity and Creativity.
  • We use the best and latest software technologies and rely on (php5- mysql - xhtml - css3 - javascript library) .
  • Always keep in mind in all our software site for search engines authentication .
  • We're very interested strongly compiled code and safety of building page and this magical effect on the success of our customers' sites.
  • We tested the site with all departments and services before being handed over more than once, which ensures it is free of errors, God willing,
  • Excel in performance speed and accuracy in implementation .. and you will notice this by yourself .
  • Save yourself the effort and let as specialize give you proven ways to the success of your site by all means.

Offer you many software including :

  • Full web sites (As required by services) .
  • programming scripts for ( Content management - Schools - Maaref programme [ Internet ] - مكتبات - E-commerce - video - Images - sms .. etc ).
  • Preparing and installions fourms by it's all type .

Our goal is upgrading by your service level

Pay attention.. We do not do any site that violates the Islamic Sharia .

Content management programe
  • The ability to add pages and articles
  • The ability to add news
  • The ability to add text and images in threads
  • The possibility of creating divisions and classifications
  • Possibility of controlling the threads (publishing - Unpublish - Showing at Home)
  • The possibility of uploading the image files, video, voice
  • The possibility of creating users with various permissions
  • The possibility to comment on the topics
  • The ability to search on the site more advanced
  • The possibility of communicating with visitors to the site through the contact form
  • The ability to add and modify pages of ads in different location and control independently
  • Photo Gallery integrated to all the activities and achievements of the administration influences AJAX professional
Shopping Cart Program
  • The author's name, the name of the investigator, translation, language, year of publication, cover type, size of the book, the number of parts, the number of pages, the book weight, barcode, ISBN price , cover picture
  • A picture book with the possibility of zooming in and out to varying degrees, and the ability to display more than one image of the product
  • Advanced review of the books and books related to the number of books available in the inventory system
  • Related: Is it available, similar products Information
  • The possibility of making(Wishlist)
  • The possibility of transmission to a friend via e-mail
  • System Comments for Visitors
  • Rating system by visitors
  • Advertising System
  • System offers and prices and coupons reduction
  • Numerous reports: sales, sales cancellations, the best-selling books, more books, watch, more search words, more Members buy
  • Support system developed statistics Google Analytics
  • Product Comparison System
  • Sorting system by name, price, for example,
  • Charging system and the possibility of pursuing the case of shipping by the customer and watch all products purchased
  • site Map renewed programmatically
  • RSS system broadcast a new site and other sites
  • Clean titles do not contain symbols and punctuation, raising the rank of the site in search engines
  • High-level safety
  • Search system allows you to search across all products and Fields
  • Shopping system by category or rating or price, for example
  • Purchase through the shopping cart system
  • Payment system by Visa and MasterCard and other global companies in addition to bank transfers
  • Order Management System
  • Customer service system contains correspondence and requests for customer accounts and previous customer and send the word lost traffic model
  • Review of books, magazines, catalogs, books, proposed in the same subject or by the same author and put it in the image are listed under each or in more than one column combined system
  • Categories system, for example, can be classified books to Islamic books, women's books, books ... or classification according to the cover price or type
  • The ability to view the location of the mobile
  • Polls system
  • Mailing list system where members can Contacted last offers and new books