Marketing catalog

Marketing catalog

Of Professional product and paper letter to your facility which integrates the various Departments efforts on dismantling traditional means of presentation (Design, photography, printing, Internet services) to give you a way out pictures and formulate professional where everything related to the activities of the various established whether social or commercial displays.
The steps involved in the implementation of the marketing Catalog

Imaging products and varieties

Professional staff with the latest photography and television imaging technology and editing department.

Implementation and printing paper catalog

Design printed catalog characteristically drafting and design depending on the Professional cadre of designers working on the latest hardware and software design.

Implementation of the catalog on CD (CD)

  • Paper design converted to electronic form on compact discs (CD) in order to satisfy all your clients.
  • Contains photos and videos on the activities, programs and products created, with the design of the cover of the drum.

Implementation of a Web site that contains all products

  • Meet your need to own a website talking about you .. and your products and Onsttkm, we've assembled all the services you
  • IT-related websites from design, programming and hosting services, websites and marketing campaigns management online.
Marketing catalog
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