General Conditions

Media visions Offer insights, services such as design, programming and hosting, printing, and according to the conditions listed below :
If you request any of our services is your acceptance of these conditions
  • Media Visions reserves the right to modify these terms at will
  • You agree to use our services for lawful purposes, and you will refrain from storing or sharing information or print or Post any material that would conflict with the teachings of Islam, such as music and pictures immodest women or prejudice or infringe on the rights of others, or that is unlawful, or threatening, harassing, defamatory, or invades the privacy of others, or the rights of publication to others, or obscene words, or harm to the religions and sacred or inviolable, or for any other reason is acceptable, or that would encourage the commission of a crime or violation involving civil liability, or where the violation of any law or opposition to go year for the country
  • It is strictly forbidden to use or violation of stolen software licenses
  • You agree to indemnify visions of the media and its managers and employees for any loss incurred by any of them because of your commitment to the Convention or misuse of any of our services
  • These conditions apply to the laws of Saudi Arabia and its courts have exclusive jurisdiction over disputes arising
  • Media visions Agency rightly mention of any site or company has provided one of its services on its website or in the bids submitted unconditionally reserves
  • When there is any feedback or error on the service provided to the customer by us are alerted during a maximum period of one month from the receipt of the service and then Ffleray media the right to request an amount for any modification or rejection of the application
  • When the client delays in the payment of the service provided valuable insights entitled to the media right in any way illegal or stop other services, including the equivalent of the amount required to meet and goes beyond