Hosting Terms

  • Prevent misuse of the server running the programs lead to stop or reduce the performance
  • Media visions Reserves by The right to delete all the information that are inconsistent with the Agreement or any part thereof from the servers
  • Foundation does not assume any liability for any breach process occur for any of the sites as a result of use of the software that is not safe or do not update the software used to fill the security gaps as a result of negligence or the site owner In the use of good passing and maintaining words
  • The host is entitled to claim a full day of free hosting as a result of additional stop location for one hour (Free day for every hour) and the Foundation is committed to any financial compensation as a result of extra stops will
  • Will send messages to customers before the end of hosting a full month to alert them about the history of the end of the subscription which will stop the site from work when the date set for the end of the subscription, then not entitled to the website owner to claim the contents of his or its databases, as he has to take its own version before the end of the subscription period if did not want to renew, or in the event of delay in renewal
  • Hosting quotations are subject to change at any time, and the change in price is applied that occurred when the renewal period or lift the plan and not during the current hosting applicable
  • Prevents sites that use software weaken the performance of servers or lead to disabling or influence them in terms of security or those that use software to overcome the blocking in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia where they will be given a warning to the site who discovers he uses programs detrimental to the work of the server and if not removed Hosting programs at the same moment will be off site